Closing the Information Gap – How an Answer Engine® multiplies the value of your infrastructure and people investments

This whitepaper delves into the pressing need for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to optimise their IT investments, with a strong focus on operational excellence and business intelligence (BI). It addresses the information gap that plagues organisations and introduces “Lucy,” an answer engine. The paper also examines the challenges in BI, generative AI, and the decision between building or purchasing solutions, highlighting Lucy’s value in simplifying intricate data ecosystems.

Four Key Takeaways:

  1. Priority on Optimisation: CIOs are urged to make the optimisation of IT investments a top priority, with a strong emphasis on operational excellence and BI as primary objectives.
  2. Challenge of the Information Gap: The paper underscores the issue of an information gap within organisations, which hampers productivity and effective decision-making.
  3. Lucy’s Role in Liberating Knowledge: Lucy, introduced as an answer engine, acts as a solution to bridge the information gap by unlocking and efficiently managing corporate knowledge. It enhances collaboration and boosts productivity.
  4. Decision between Building and Buying: The paper emphasises the decision-making process for organisations considering AI solutions like Lucy. It highlights the challenges and expenses associated with building internal AI teams and underscores the advantages of purchasing packaged solutions, especially in the rapidly evolving field of generative AI. Lucy offers a practical alternative.

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